The wonderful thing about wood effect tiles is that they are completely versatile and you can lay them almost anywhere. They perfectly complement pretty much every design and style making them the perfect choice.

They are the obvious choice for hallways and cloakrooms as they are durable and can withstand heavy foot flow. Wood effect tiles are also commonly seen in living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens but did you know they are also the perfect choice for your bathroom?

You might be thinking wood floors and water? That’s a disaster in the waiting. But our wood effect floor tiles are actually made from porcelain which is nearly completely waterproof making them perfect for your bathroom. So all them bathroom splashes and shower leaks are no problem as they can just be mopped up in minutes. Think that’s good well it gets better…

Introducing wood effect wall tiles. Yep you heard us right, a wooden wall. Looking to create that cozy log cabin look? Or maybe create a stunning feature wall? Wood effect tiles are perfect for providing a modern look with their natural feel and woodiness. Laid in herringbone pattern or chevron tile format they can give your space a touch of drama or simply lay them in a traditional plank setting to frame a fireplace or add some subtle detail to a back wall.

And to top it all off they are hard wearing, durable, and easy to maintain. Their natural elegance means they perfectly complement almost any interior style. Browse our range of wood effect tiles here and if you are looking for some more wood effect floor tile inspiration head over to our Pinterest.

At Tiles and Mosaics, we have so many wood effect tiles to choose from – in a wide range of colours. Visit our range of Wood Effect Tiles and order your free sample tiles today. Seen a tile you love but can’t find it? We are experts at sourcing tiles so contact us with your images.