The news is one type of entertainment that we cannot live without. It is possible that people want an easy read kind of news or more intense, hard-hitting stories that address topics like the economy, Gazeteler politics, terrorists and world news as well as many other topics. What do you mean by “news” per se? News is about happenings that occur, people, and even places. It’s everything that happens anywhere, however it is not always news that finds its way onto television, radio or other forms of media. It doesn’t matter what media used to present news , so provided that it is properly reported in a manner that is relevant, up-to-date, controversial or informative, current and has a direct impact on the lives of people and lives, then people are more likely to take in the news. However, what people like reading is a task that takes a lot of energy and time to finish. Being a journalist is among the most challenging jobs in the world.Newspaper reporters often feel exhausted and under pay. They place their lives on danger when they must be working. Very rarely do they get to spend moments with family members. Once thought of as a glamorous occupation that is now a job for journalist has been ranked on the list of jobs that are not ideal because of the strain that is associated with the work. Since news is everywhere journalists must be constantly looking for news on what’s happening in the local community and also nationally. News about current events is a major priority, therefore, journalists need to know where to find information.
Despite the risks and stress of their job, journalists are paid the equivalent of $50,000 annually and those with less knowledge earn about $25,000 annually. top-quality reporters earn over $100,000 per year (BLS). News reporters’ job opportunities are declining since news can be found anywhere such as online newspapers blogs, blogs, as well as social media sites. This is why the profession of news reporters hasn’t seen any significant increase in job opportunities in the past few time (Brienza, n.d.).
The Industry

Founding of the Newspapers
First newspapers appeared as “handwritten newsletters circulated privately among merchants, passing along information about everything from wars and economic conditions to social customs and human interest features” (Barber). There were news publications that were published in Germany in the early 1400s. They included a lot of information about the brutality committed by Germans within Transylvania. Over time the person who committed these brutal acts was identified as the Count Dracula which actually was Vlad Tsepes Drakul in real life (Barber).
Later , other versions of pamphlets for news, known as corantos, were made available and were created only when significant news was reported. Later on, a different version of corantos was released in the form of a news book (Barber).
The first newspaper was introduced to publication in 17th-century however, the term “newspaper” was first used until the year 1670 (Lambert). The first newspaper was called broadsheet, which means which translates to a “single sheet of paper that responded to unusual events” (The The Development of the Modern Newspaper). The older versions of newspapers and the contemporary newspapers have many of the same characteristics however, there has been a change over time regarding the content. The speed of news was not a concern in the past however now, speed and the content are the primary motives for people to read newspapers.
In the beginning, newspapers were created out of linen and cotton, however with the development of paper made from the wood, it was easier to create newspapers with low-cost high-quality paper. As the newspaper industry grew and more news was made accessible on a greater quantity. Technology also played a role in the creation of newspapers because instead of writing news manually press presses allowed it to be much easier and faster to make newspapers. When technological advancements made their entrance into the world of newspapers the manual labor was reduced as machines began printing news in large quantities of newspaper (Development of the modern Newspaper).
As railroad systems and other kinds that of transportation, the newspaper enhanced their content because reporters could travel and collect information from various locations. With this advancement newspapers weren’t restricted to text, as photography technology helped make news easier for readers (Development of the Modern Newspaper). From this point forward the news content, reporting and design became identical across the world. Therefore, those reading newspapers were able to easily identify the kind of information the paper was presenting.

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