Zellige tiles are handcrafted tiles made with natural clay extracted from Morocco. Due to the fact these tiles are handmade, each Zellige tile is totally unique. To find out more about how they are made read our blog entitled ‘Zellige Tiles – what are they?”

Our new range of Zellige Tiles come in 12 gorgeous vibrant in colours including blues, greens and reds. Due to their durability and charm these tiles offer a range of options when it comes to where you can install them. There elegant shimmer means they are ideal for walls and even ceilings. These stunning tiles are perfect for large spaces such as a feature wall but they also make a deep impact in smaller spaces, just imagine a cosy fireplace dripping with lush colour. (Don’t worry they are super resilient and have the ability to protect your wall from the heat.)

Choosing a colour

Due to each tile being completely unique, you can choose one colour of Zellige tiles and use it to create a mosaic effect as each tile offers so much variety and personality. By using one colour in this way the rest of the room can be as plain or as elaborate as you like. You could create a whole room full of these tiles or you could pair them with a marble floor tile or patterned floor tile to create a one of a kind combination that screams character.

Go Classic 

Zellige Tiles come in a range of colours but if you aren’t sure on the bold colours then don’t panic we also have lots of gorgeous neutral tones available including a lovely grey, a classic white and a sophisticated caramel tone. The glossy finish of these tiles leaves your room with a lovely shimmer making these neutral tones anything but boring.

Zellige Mosaics

If you are feeling extremely bold and creative why not create a mosaic wall out of a mix of our Zellige tiles, you could pick a combination of 3 colours and create a fantastic feature wall thats totally special

Browse our range of Zellige tiles on our website and get your free sample today. If you have any questions then our Leeds tile team is happy to help, just contact them on 01132 423444

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